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Be part of something bigger then yourself.

Dear Friends,

Join us today and help transform lives. For as little as $10.00 a month, you can be a Transformer for Hope. When you join Transformers for Hope, you will be joining other North Americans who are part of God's plan to transform Haiti by giving hope, one child at a time.

Since Love the Children has been in existence, I have found myself part of something much bigger than myself. I have found myself to be part of God’s plan to transform the people of Haiti and give hope, one child at a time. My part has been to help connect my friends, here in North America with my friends in and around the village of Larevwa, in order to show the children that God truly loves them. Together, we have seen a new school, a new hot lunch program, a clean water systems, gardens, a new modern computer center and a new medical center. For the first time, the children in this small community have hope of breaking loose of poverty and living in a transformed world. Not only has Larevwa been transformed but so have my North American friends and I. There are hundreds of villages around the countryside of Haiti just like Larevwa. There are children in these villages who have no opportunity for an education. Each Year thousands of children die because of hunger or dirty water. We know how to fix it. God has shown us how His love can transform a child and in the process transform an entire village. God is now calling us to take what we have learned in the village of Larevwa, and expand it to include other rural villages, and transform lives, in His name.

In His grip,

Bob Lichy, Founder & Principal

Become a Transformer for Hope.

Transforming Haiti, one child at a time.

Transformers for Hope is your opportunity to transform the lives of children in Haiti and give them hope. Your monthly recurring gift will make it possible for you to expand your influence in Larevwa and other villages in rural Haiti.

When you become a transformer, you will have the opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship with an individual child through sponsorship. You will receive a picture and biography of one of the children who is benefiting from your generosity. You will also be enrolled in the Love the Children Blog and will automatically receive the electronic version of the Transformer Newsletter which will let you know how your donation is transforming lives. It is easy to become a Transformer for Hope. Just fill out the form below and indicate the amount of your recurring donations and how you would like to make your recurring donations. You can write a check each month, set up recurring payments in your online banking or you can set it up on a credit or debit card below.

How our child sponsorship works.

Love the Children has found that the most effective way to end the problems around child poverty in rural Haiti is to take a holistic approach. We partner with churches, schools and village leaders to strengthen the entire community. As we help the village provide quality education, adequate food, clean water and health care, all of the children benefit. As individual children are matched with a sponsor, the sponsor's donation is immediately combined with other donations and resources to benefit the entire community. While you are not, actually, sponsoring an individual child, your recurring gift allows you to establish a powerful one-on-one connection with one of the children that is benefiting from your generosity. In addition to a picture and some biographical information including age, home village, and grade you will receive the first letter from your child or a caretaker in approximately 60 days. Due to the remoteness of the villages where Love the Children works and the language barrier, communications are generally transmitted though our in-country staff, over the internet. While the actual cost of caring for each individual child is approximately $10.00 per month, we would love you to consider sponsorship at the $40.00 level, but please feel free to determine at what level you feel most comfortable

It's easy to become a Transformer for Hope!